Steel is Real- Why is Steel the best Choice?

STEEL is real BICYCLES JAMIS is one of the only brands that has a full line of road mountain fat tire and Adventure Gravel grind bicycles made of Chromoly Steel. Adventure Cycle 2464 Dufferin 416 787 4998, Advantage of steel:

1. Dampens vibration.
2. Absorbs shock from pot wholes.
3. Is super strong and stable for loading with pannier racks and bags.
4. Has the same ride the first day you ride it and twenty years later.
5. Can be bent back after a crash.
6. Can be repaired if a tube gets cracked from a crash.
7. Can be easily painted.

1. Can be a half pound heavier then certain aluminum bicycles.

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Back when we started building our first bikes in the late 70’s, steel was the only way to go. Fast forward 35 years and steel is no longer the industry’s dominant frame material, but we still love to work with it and ride it. Why? Hit a baseball with a wooden bat then with an aluminum bat and you’ll know why. You want your frame material to soak up streets and trails, not beat you with them. Not to mention the stuff is durable, can handle nicks and dents and gouges without cause for alarm, and is easily repairable. We like the look of those straight, skinny tubes, too.
Reynolds pioneered the techniques of making butted tubing around the turn of the century, and their 531 manganese-molybdenum tubing was the standard of excellence for many decades. In 1995, Reynolds introduced 853 (and a non-heat-treated version, 631, two years later); the world’s first commercial air-hardening steel for bicycle frames and Jamis was one of the first brands to use it in 1997. Welding steel often results in a 40% strength loss, requiring thick tubing walls as an offset. Not so with 853 and 631. This material actually gets stronger at the weld zones, allowing Reynolds to draw the tubing thinner for a lighter, stronger frame.
Though the high performance and buttery-smooth ride qualities of Reynolds 853 and 631 usually grab all the headlines, our frame building is equally over the top. All tubing is cleaned before being cut, jigged and welded. All tubing cuts are de-burred and buffed before welding. We use heat sinks in the head and seat tubes to control distortion. And our low-angle welding tracks form precisely arced, low-profile TIG beads while dispersing welding heat more widely, yielding a frame that requires less post-welding alignment. Add investment cast or water-jet cut dropouts for great looks and extra strength and you’ve got a labor of love that rides like a dream.
Adventure Steel Bicycles:
Renegade Expat and Renegade Exploit.

Dragon 29 and Dragon 650 Sport

Single Speeds Sputnik and Beatnik:

Road Bicycles- Quest:

Road Touring Bicycles Aurora, Aurora Elite and Bosa Nova:

Hybrid Coda, Commuter 1, and Citizens 1.

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