Fuel Belt Blow Out Sale!

FUEL BELT BLOW OUT SALE RB INC- Everything must go! 50 to 80 percent off! http://www.fuelbelt.com http://www.rbinc-sports.com 79 Wingold ave Unit 10 open 7 days a week 416 787 4998 rb@rbinc-sports.com

About the Brand
FuelBelt, Inc. is the world leader in hydration belts and running accessories. Founded back in 1997 by 36x Ironman finisher and 7-time Ironman World Championship participant, Vinu Malik, FuelBelt continues to serve the needs of endurance athletes across the globe. We were the first to introduce the multi-bottle belt, low profile handhelds, and high performance accessories which redefined the hydration landscape.
FuelBelts have been used to break world records, set personal bests, and have even been used at the Olympic world stage, where every effort and every second counts. With over a million customers throughout the world, we continue to look forward with a big focus on redefining who we are and delivering outstanding service to you at every level.
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