RB Inc Jamis Bicycles will sell your old bicycle!

bike-auction-e1270756596121Jamis Bicycles

RB Inc Jamis Bicycles will sell your old bicycle!

Get rid of that old clunker and buy something with the latest technology. Smooth gears and faster running wheels!


Open 7 days a week we are here to take care of any your bicycle needs. We now will sell your bicycle! If you buy a new bicycle from us once its sold you basically do not pay anything for the service.

Store your Bicycle!
$10 a month and or $50 for the winter.
RB Inc:
RB Inc Jamis Bicycles Canada
Let us know if you want to put a $50 refundable deposit to bring in, build and reserve the model you are interested in or you can drop by to check it out before we order it in your size (We can ship it as well) more info:
Entire Inventory Close out list:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AtTtDf3oQBltdEw2S1R1RnZEV0Y1WVU4eFBVMHB3N2c&usp=drive_web#gid=0
Google Tour:https://www.google.ca/maps/@43.70248,-79.457699,3a,75y,155.51h,90t/data=!3m5!1e1!3m3!1sNWo_DLnDD_QAAAQIt_olEg!2e0!3e2!6m1!1e1
Please see further below details on how our showroom/warehouse process works.
Buy with confidence from a bricks and mortar (store front) shop -inspection and pick up instore welcome at our Bicycle Dream Showroom. Two free service tune ups up to one year after purchase. All bicycles frames have the Factory warranty (usually lifetime) . RB Inc in has been in business for 25 years, Google us to find more info about us and our location. Also feel free to check out our website RB inc and Jamis bicycles Thejamisbicycles YouTube account for videos on many models.  the website http://www.rbinc-sports dot com/jamis/jamis-bikesJamis has all the bicycles listed including late models,  Bicycles Canada Face Book Page for pictures and info. We are located at 79 Wingold unit 10 Avenue, Toronto M6B-1P8 416-787-4998 x 0. Hours are Mon-Tues 9-5, Wed-Fri 9-6 and Sat-10 – 6. Please note the front of the building looks empty but you can be buzzed in.  Open Sundays for spring and summer. We answer e mails 18 hours a day. No other dealer will offer the same service as us. You can come by are shop to try any bike out weather permitting and we have extra pedals for the road bikes that dont come with pedals. Don’t buy used when you can buy new. No Frame alignment issues or worn drive train problems. It is brand new and usually in the box (or just built up in our show room possibly) being stored in one of our 3 warehouses as we are the Canadian Distributor for Jamis Bicycles. We all have over 10 years experience in the bicycle business professionals and do not employ part time students that guess to answer questions. To enter the building  on front door keypad dial  10 pound, listen to the voice mail then dual 0, we will Buz you in. You can also enter our back door at the west parking lot.
Press release: RB Inc Jamis Bicycles Canada has just opened up the cutting edge, hi tech, one of its kind showroom which showcases their line of Jamis Bicycles and variety of accessories. Jamis Bicycles are the latest full line of road, mountain, hybrid, performance, hybrid, chromoly, carbon fibre, free ride, downhill, commuter, kids, full suspension, touring, triathlon, cyclo cross, single speed bicycles. They often have demo and late model sales of Jamis bicycles direct to the public and offer a full bicycle service station for all bicycle repairs that includes the Bio Circle cleaning system. RB Inc was started 25 years ago by Richard Browne, a professional triathlete that competed around the world, four times in the Hawaii Ironman and 4 times in the Eco Challenge. The showroom that is designed with all energy efficient devices was designed with a collaboration of the owner Richard Browne, his sister Tara Browne from Yabu Pushleberg. The art mural is a fun artistic take on funky work that Richard was interested in piecing together with the company Moss and Lam for the 65′ by 16′ art mural. The bicycles are hanging in a curve design and can be raised or lowered by electric lifts that are controlled by an I phone, I pad or one of the 4 Apple computers in the space. This allows lifting the 100 display bicycles off the floor to use the space for any events including spin classes, bicycle mechanics sessions and technical training to sales staff and visiting dealers. The NAD sound system, Sony panel tv is run by Apple TV and also has a play station controller system for action games. An accessory wall and boardroom table comes from Bali to add to the comfortable surroundings. There Tool collection includes an entire Pro kit from Park tools as well as the full Campagnolo vintage tool set for steel frames to clean and align frames. They also refurbish vintage steel frames, Gios Torino, Colnago, Cinelli, Moser to name a few and sell them as well at their location. Finally the kitchen is equipped with the latest Faema Espresso machine which pumps out a 1000 espresso drinks a day! The Showroom is located at 79 Wingold ave at the newly renovated building http://www.79wingold.com for more info. RB Inc’s website is http://www.rbinc-sports.com.
Quick note about service. Please note that we will show you all options based on the info you give us to save your time. If your looking for a $250 or less bicycle, they are not available. We do our best to give you accurate information from trained professionals. Please don’t give us bad reviews based on the fact that we cannot help you for low end product.
We do sell car racks and keep one on hand at all time. We also can order in specific models on request. Please note most bicycles come with quick release to remove the front and back wheel to make car transport easy and we also have lots of cardboard to protect the interior of your car.You are more than welcome to come by and see our show room and to see what we have in stock although It’s best to figure out which year model and size before you come as we have 80 different models, 6 sizes per model and 4 years of product with 240 units built (lower end product more then one size) Hence if you walk in the chance of us having something built in your size and price range is low especially higher end product. You would have to come back later after we pick up and build from our warehouse. Alternately if you would like to go ahead with the bike we would love to order it in for you. We require it to be pre-paid or a minimum of $50 deposit when bringing in the bikes as we have had issues in the past with people not showing up and not having room to store a built bike. We will let you know when the bike is ready for pick up which usually takes one day to build. For higher end models over $500 we also can order in from the USA product if we are out of stock but we would need full Pre payment and 4 working cause to bring product in. Bikes come with industry standard Jamis warranty and includes 2 free service tune ups up to one year after purchase.
Let us guide you to the best choice of bicycle:Are you ready to purchase immediately or when in the future? What price point are you looking for? How tall are you? What is your weight? What is the type of riding you will be doing (on road, off road, both)? What is your main objective in a bicycle; comfort, weight, upright riding position, low aerodynamic position, if full suspension do you have an idea of how many inches of travel you are looking for? Is Weight a big concern?  If you are looking for specific type of riding or racing, freeride, downhill in the future let us know.
The price includes assembly unless we have to ship them to your location. If you cannot get to our location we do deliver bicycles pre built that are prepaid in greater Toronto for $40. The bike includes 20 minutes of sizing set up by a trained technician that has over 10 years in the bicycle business. The bicycles sales are final no returns as they are all way below retail pricing. We ship world wide out of Canada, you are responsible for tax and duty at  the border. Shipping quotes to major towns have been as follows: within 10 miles is $20, Western Canada $100, Eastern USA $100, Western and Southern USA $200. Best and cheapest way is to have a UPS account and have it picked up at the warehouse as this will save you 30%: Toronto Ontario M6B1P8 postal code. Size of box for a complete bicycle is around 20 x 70 x 130 cm. 9 X 29 x 52  inches which is 6.2 cu feet  and about 40 lbs. When the bicycle includes Carbon wheels the wheels are shipped in a separate box. A frame only box is about 7 x 22 x 45″ and 10lbs. Getting a UPS account can be done over the phone. We can organize and charge you shipping but that’s more expensive.   Payment can be made by Visa MasterCard Paypal for North America for international customers wire transfer pre paid.
Ship your bicycle!Bicycle packing is $20 for shipping via plane or ground. We can also organize shipping the bicycle world wide.
Sell your bicycle!1. Bring in your bicycle for a 15 minute professional photo shoot.
2. We place your bicycle on Kijiji, Craigslist, Pinkbike, E bay.
3. We charge you 5% up front for all the initial service.
4. We manage your adds and buyers for the sale.
5. When we have an interested buyer for the bicycle then you have to return the bicycle back to us.
6. Or you can have us store your bicycle but the charge is $10 a month and you have to pre pay 6 months. If you leave the bicycle unpaid for 3 months time then the bicycle is our property. (We would store it in the warehouse).
7. Once we sell the bicycle we charge an additional 15% of the sale.
8. If you decide to buy a Jamis bicycle we give you 7% off any new bicycle sale so you actually can get all your money back when you buy a new Jamis bicycle
Store your Bicycle!$10 a month and or $50 for the winter.
We can get you absolutely anything for your bicycle: Cutting edge, reasonably priced at a discount: pedals 7 types, Helmets.Small pump attached to bikeUnder seat bagMulti Tools, patch kit(We have a kit that does all the above for $40) Bellswater bottle cage x 2Shock pumpsFoot pumpInnertubes all sizesglovescomputers, lights lockschain lubricationlight- front – rear- flashing – brightBasketsLarge ToolsAll purpose car racks.touring:fendersracksbags- front and rearBicycle storage optionsNutrition products
Our Tool Selection is Campagnolo Vintage full set of frame alignment and Chromoly frame facing and cleaning service. Full set of Park Tools including professional wheel building tools. We have a full set of Pedro portable tools and portable stands to do outside events. We offer full refurbishing services of Vintage and new bicycle frames including re paint, decals and clear coat plus re-build of parts and even re chrome forks. We do Professional fitting with the Bike Fit System. Bike purchase includes 10 minute basic fitting set up. More extensive fitting services cost between $20 to $200 depending on time spent and what extra fitting requirements such as handlebars, bar ends, stems, cranks, pedals, seats, internal shoe wedges, cleat fitting, external shoe wedges, pedal spacers, pedal shoe shims, Geniometer, Forefoot measuring device, Laser with dot strap, Bunion shoe stretcher, Plum Bob, Aero Bar fitting and a number of services that can be offered. We include bike stand set up while you are on the bicycle you are purchasing. We do weight balance on the bicycle so you have a perfect balance to make sure your bicycle handles perfectly around corners and does not create added rolling resistance by having too much weight front or back. Picture and video services are included with the $200 service as well. We also offer exact transfer fitting from your original bicycle to your new bicycle ($100). Our bicycle tech can inform you as well Chris 5 days a week. Anything is possible.
Importance of wheel size on a mountain bicyclehttp://www.rbinc-sports.com/mtb-wheels-explained
Anatomy of a bicyclehttp://www.rbinc-sports.com/basic-bike-anatomy
Thank you for your Celine Richard Rob Chris GeoffLeviSteveMarina
Taxes charged:

Alberta GST 5
British Columbia GST 5
Manitoba GST 5
New Brunswick HST 13
Newfoundland and Labrador HST 13
Northwest Territories GST 5
Nova Scotia HST 15
Nunavut GST 5
Ontario HST 13
Prince Edward Island GST 5
Quebec GST 5
Saskatchewan GST 5
Yukon GST 5

International wire bank info:
RB Inc (account name)Royal Bank of Canada(Canadian dollar account number)Account # 4001665The  transit # is 02874 Institution code/bank code is 003
US Account number is 400 1665         51Branch/Transit# 02874-003 Bank address:Royal Bank5001 Younge StNorth York, OntarioCanadaM2N 6P6416-512-7750 The Swift Code is –  ROYCCAT 2
Mountain Bicycle wheel size 26, 27.5 (650b), 29”?
Advantages of 29”:

  1. Easier to get over rocks logs. If your weakness is tough terrain even if you are short and or light then this might be the best choice. If your scared of tough terrain best choice! Great for beginner riders scared of tough terrain.
  2. More surface area so better climbing on slick rock.
  3. Lower rolling resistance so faster on roads and straight aways which is important if you have a long road ride before the trails.
  4. Less chance of flats due to larger point of contact.
  5. Quickest acceleration between trees and tight turns.
  6. Really good for heavy and tall riders.
  7. The wheel has lots of momentum so once you get it going fast you just need to keep it up to speed.
  8. Because the bottom bracket is below the axles the bicycle is much more stable.
  9. Great for fast downhill riding – lots of stability.

Disadvantages of 29”

  1. Longer wheel base so slow around corners. And tough through tight winding tree slalom trails.
  2. Slow acceleration and deceleration.
  3. More expensive then 26er bicycles.
  4. Heaviest of the three so tough for long climbing. Not as bad if it is short climbs that you can keep your momentum up.
  5. More expensive parts if you break a rim or spokes or have a flat tire. But having said that the whole industry has 29ers so this is becoming less significant over time.
  6. Hi Stand over height so if you have short legs might not be the best choice.
  7. Slowest on roads (if your light weight not a big issue).
  8. To get them as light as  26” bicycle you have to spend a lot of money – carbon fibre. If you got the money then sometimes a great choice.

Advantages of 26”

  1. Usually you can get a great deal on an older model so you get the best parts for the money.
  2. Easily available parts if you are travelling and less money for them.
  3. Best for short and or light weight riders.
  4. Lightest of the three bicycles. If you run up steep hills with the bicycle on your shoulder then this is the best choice.
  5. Low stand over height so good if you have short legs.
  6. Best Acceleration of the three even though 650 is close so great on switch back, tight corners and through trees and slalom.

Disadvantages of 26”

  1. Slow on roads and straights especially when you weigh a lot.
  2. Bad traction uphill.
  3. Worst over Rocks logs transitional riding.
  4. Worst for downhill.
  5. Slowest on straight aways and road riding.
  6. Highest chance for flats.
  7. Worst for stability.

Advantages of a 27.5 650b in the Jamis Line up. Jamis is the best to go with as they have the most experience and other lines have hi stand over height and geometry that is not fine tuned.

  1. Same wheelbase so they are as quick around turns.
  2. They are great to go over rock and logs almost as good as a 29er.
  3. They have low stand over heights the same as 26”.
  4. They accelerate around corners the same as a 26” bicycle.
  5. Mid weight maybe a bit more then the 26” bicycle.
  6. As your bottom bracket is below the wheel axles the bicycle is more stable then 26”.
  7. Great on fast downhills.
  8. Great choice even if your short tall or heavy.
  9. Really the best choice of the three wheel size bicycles. Unless you are really tall and heavy or short and light this is the best choice.

Disadvantage of the 27.5” or 650 or 650b pretty much the same.

  1. Can be expensive as it has been out for about 4 years. It is getting put in less expensive bicycles especially in 2014.
  2. Parts can be harder to find then both 29 and 26” plus more expensive. Rim, Spokes, Tires and Inner tubes however less significant in the future.

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