Keyport for 6 keys.




Keyport – Reinventing the Keychain for the Modern Lifestyle

Infusing utility with style, Keyport replaces the out-of-date keychain by streamlining your most important personal everyday carry items into one essential gadget. The Keyport Slide holds up to six keys and/or everyday carry tools (USB flash drive, mini-light, pen, bottle opener, and more) in a high-tech chassis about the size of a box of Tic Tacs. Small enough to fit comfortably in the fifth pocket of a pair of jeans, the Keyport provides one-handed access to any of the items with just the slide of a thumb. It even has a unique serial number that can be used to facilitate its recovery via Keyport’s Reward If Found program.

Holds 6 key Blades and/or Inserts

Mini-Light, Pen, Flash Drive, Bottle Opener, and more

Lightweight & Compact

Slide + Six Blades weighs less than six common keys

Compatible with

Standard + High-Security + Chipped Auto keys


One-handed access + no jingling or scratching


Lots of options to personalize your Keyport

Lost & Found Program

Unique serial # on every device

KEYPORT GREAT WAY TO STORE KEYS! Nothing to do with bicycles but great item saves weight and jingle in your pocket. Every Day Carry.

The Keyport Slide is about as sexy as a key ring can get. It says loud and clear that you’re above silly key chains and all that nonsense. It is without question the best way to carry your keys and break the ice at a hotel bar. It’s just too bad that it won’t replace my key chain.


  • Six key slides
  • Washable design
  • Optional bottle opener and USB flash drive
  • Stainless steel skin
  • Lost & found serial number
  • Starts at $79


  • Compact & sleek design
  • Solid and sturdy
  • Works great

Full review:

The Keyport has fascinated me since it first busted into the gadget scene back in 2007. I hate keychains. Or rather, I hate carrying lots of keys. The Keyport Slide counters that by stuffing all your keys into one compact package. Sounds perfect to me but then I got my tester and discovered a nasty secret: it’s not for me.

Oh, the device works perfectly. I adore it. I even took it over to friends’ houses just to show it off. Everyone agrees the design is stunning. The Keyport Slide is a case study on industrial design with the amazing functional and compact design. The little key blades fit perfectly in their respective channels, just waiting for someone to depress the spring-loaded nubs and slide them forward.

The main compartment’s aluminum skin hides the plastic skeleton. Even the little plastic caps seem durable enough. The Keyport isn’t going to fall apart. It’s a sturdy little device without a hint of body movement or chintziness. It’s a stretch to say it will last a lifetime, but it feels solid enough that you’ll likely lose it before it breaks down.

Previous versions of the Keyport required you to send in your physical keys so they could be cut to size. That’s no longer the case and Keyport makes it easy enough. When you order your Keyport, the company asks you to photograph your keys on a special form and then they’ll send you the appropriate blades. You then take these blanks down to a local hardware store or locksmith to be cut. It’s less hassle than it sounds. Keyport also sells these blades separately for $6.99 apiece so you can order more as you go.

Keychain Reinvented – Access Without the Excess | Keyport, Inc.

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