Spring is Here!!! Adventure Cycle Bicycle Repair Service Shop 2464 Dufferin street M6B3P8 phone 416 787 4998 10 till 6 all week long. . WE ARE A FULL SERVICE PROFESSIONAL BICYCLE EBIKE SHOP, RENTAL CENTRE THAT WORKS ON ALL BICYCLE REPAIRS!! ONE DAY TURN AROUND.
We are a factory Store for Jamis Bicycles, Stolen brand BMX, DAHNON folding, FULL LINE UP OF ELECTRIC BICYCLES INCLUDING GOCYCLE!


We here at Jamis Bikes Canada, have the tools and the experience to make your bike run like it was new.
Give us a call or drop on by. Most of the time we can fix your bike while you wait!

$39 / BIKE
Labour Included / Replacement Parts Extra
– Adjust gears and brakes
– safety check
– point out parts to be replaced
-ensure everything is tight, aligned and in good working order.

$59 / BIKE
Labour Included / Replacement Parts Extra
* Clean the drivetrain
* Adjust gears & brakes
* Including cleaning of brake pad surface
* Lubricate cables & cable housing
* Rear derailleur hanger checked for alignment
* Basic truing of wheels
* Safety check
* Ensure everything is tight, aligned and in good working order
* Point out parts to be replaced (if necessary).
We recommend having this done at least once a year
(depending how much you ride), at the beginning of each season.

$119 / BIKE
Labout Included / Replacement Parts Extra
Have you been ignoring your bike?
Need some major TLC?
An overhaul includes everything in the Tune Up package, plus:
* Complete tear-down of bike to its bare frame
* Full rebuild & cleaning of all parts
* Clean & re-grease headset, bottom bracket, and hub bearings
* Full truing of wheels
* All screws and bolts checked for proper toque & safety
* Full bike detailing

Flat Tire Repar
Bike Storage
$6.99 / month
Let us winter your bike in complete safety
Fork Chroming
New Part Installation
$15 – $30
Handlebars, Stems Cranks, Chains, Cassettes, Computers, Tires, Etc.
Spoke Installation
Wheel Building
Facing & Chasing
$29 – $49
We have the tools needed to clean up your frame whether you just got a new paint job or just installing some new parts.
* Bottom Bracket – $49
* Head tube – $49
* Disc Brake Mounts $29

Tru Wheels
$15 – $30 / Wheel
Tubeless Tire sealing
Adjust Drivetrain [ Gears / Brakes ]
Hub Overhaul
Painting Service
$290 Single Colour
Includes Decal Application / Once Colour
Contact us for more info. 
Tubular Tire gluing
With the Purchase of a new bike from us we include a basic fitting. This includes Putting you on the bicycle and setting up your seat possition and cleats for you.
– Reduces chance of injury. Efficiency on the bicycle to make you go faster and longer with less fatique.
Here is a link to the devicesBike Fit.
1.- Seat Height- position using a Goniometer
2.- Seat position behind stem using lasers.
3.- Proper stem length.
4.- Proper handlebar height.
5.- Proper seat angle
6.- Wedges between shoes and cleats using the Ergo Fit System with cleat screw kit. Wedges inside shoes.
7.- Use of washers or spacers to widen pedal position.
8.- Customizing shoe fit. Making sure there are no hot spots in your shoes that create blisters
9.- Using knee dot straps, lasers, G meter and plumb bob we can make sure your knees track up and down and not in a circle causing knee stress.
10. Customizing all of this depending on what your goals are: efficiency, comfort, injuries, Knee back neck arm wrist muscle injuries
11. An entire different category is Triathlon bicycle fit which can also include time trial bicycle fit. Are you a better runner or cyclist? Do you push large gears or spin? Is it for a flat coarse or rolling hills or mountains?

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