Hybrid vs road

Why a hybrid?
These represent different options on a Hybrid. What is a hybrid? Mountain bicycle position with fast light thinner road wheels. Lighter then a mountain bike and faster but less durable if you hit big pot wholes and curbs. The DXT though acts more like a mountain bicycle with suspension forks and wider rims and tires but at a weight penalty. Great way to get to work and have some fun as well. We also have higher end Hybrids $800 to $2500: The more you spend on a bicycle the lighter its, the better everything works, and the more durable all the parts are so you will save minimum $300 on drivetrain parts with in the first 3000 kms.
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Hybrids have been around for the last 20 years and they are a great option for different types of riding. They are a mountain bicycle position but with Road wheels so they are lighter and faster then mountain bicycles. But they are less stable and less durable then a mountain bicycle so you have to be comfortable riding a bicycle. They come in many different forms some more upright and comfortable hence the comfort hybrid, a version in-between called a commuter hybrid finally a light more aggressive position called a performance hybrid and finally a dual sport off road hybrid that acts more like an off road mountain bicycle. When you go from a comfort hybrid to a performance hybrid the weight goes down because comfort and adjustability makes the bicycle heavy with springs, suspension forks, wider saddles. Comfort bicycles and the off road dual sport bicycles have wider tires and rims that work better on dirt roads, sand and trails but also make the bicycle heavier.  The dual sport hybrid, on and off road version will be heavier as well but can get lighter if you get a hi end version with lighter parts. These are great as they have the ability to hit mud and off road trails but are lighter then mountain bicycles unless you get a hi end version which can also be light weight. 
When buying a bicycle its best to initially spend more because that equals: lighter, better working parts, more durable parts and materials and more performance. If you buy something low end it will cost you in the future because replacing the chain, freewheel, chainrings later is more expensive overall then spending that money initially on the bicycle and getting more durable parts. Plus all that riding time you have a better quality bicycle that works better and is much lighter. This gets magnified if you can find a late model discounting bicycle. 
September 3, 2014 · by campagnolorider · in Bike Pictures. · Edit
Many people come to are shop with the question: Why are hybrids and mountain bicycles so much slower then a road bicycle with drop bars? As a top pro triathlete I was always looking to make my road bicycle faster and physics are very important in this goal so here is a scientific explanation of why they are faster. There is a number of reasons the most important is weight balance and your butt. Your bum muscle is the biggest muscle in your body and when its stretched fully it will give out the most amount of power. In the drop bar position your bum which is the gluteus maximus is fully stretched and can give you the most amount of power at this position. The problem is this position is hard on your back neck and arms so you have to build flexibility and strength in all of these to get to this position comfortably. Other important feature is that a road bicycle has even weight balance on the front and rear wheels so the tire resistance is lowest when this occurs. That is why proper bicycle set up on a road bicycle should be 50 percent weight balance front and 50 percent weight balance on the rear. This will also allow you to go around corners with out slipping at the maximum speed. slightly moving your body upwards will give you more weight on your rear wheel so it will slip first and you can adjust your speed to not fall. Hybrids and mountain bicycles the more upright you are the more weight you have on your rear wheel which really slows down the bicycle. This also creates a lot of wind drag and slows you down the faster you go cause your body is acting like a brake.  In the low aerodynamic road position your wind drag is at the lowest. This can also be created on a hybrid or mountain bicycle by bending your arms on downhills and straights to increase your speed. Some other smaller advantages are hi pressure thinner lighter tires on road bicycles so the drag due friction on your tires to the pavement is much lower making the bicycle more efficient and faster. Some bicycles have wide tires with aggressive off road treads that increase your rolling resistance are slow and loud but give you traction on sand, mud, rocks, and wet conditions. Road bicycles are much lighter and one can climb up hill because of this advantage. New road bicycles are aerodynamic and can save you wind drag but this is more important at hi speeds. If you want speed then go with a low road bicycle but you need flexibility and strength in your arms back and neck so lots of riding weights and yoga all help in that goal. 

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