Bicycle Disc Brakes

Why are disc brakes better on a bicycle? – start at $349 on mountain bicycles.

1. Higher breaking power. Especially on long a long decent and or heavy loads and riders.
2. Not effected by rain, snow or moisture.
3. Less maintenance- Less adjustment.
4. Brake pads last longer.
5. Brake pads are much easier to change. No tools needed – very simple to change.
6. Warped rims do not get affected by limited brake pad room of caliber brakes.
7. Does not heat rims so no chance of tire blowing on you.
8. Allow for precise braking with more feedback and modulation, making wheel lock up less likely. Hydraulic disc brakes are even better.
9. Easier to use wider tires
10. Taking over the bicycle industry so parts and pricing is going down.
11. Weight of these are slowly going down as well.
12. Look of disc brakes are aesthetically nicer.
13. Disc brakes work much better in muddy conditions!
14. Disc brakes can handle abuse with side impacts crashes better then caliber brakes. Also when the bicycle gets transported in a car often go out of adjustment.
15. Disc brakes allow frame designers to save weight on the frame design of forks and rear triangles.
16. Wheel designers can design the rim lighter with disc brake use rather then making the rim hold up to calibre brake side ways pressure.
17. Frame designers can use thru Axle fork and rear triangle design to allow for lighter, stronger and stiffer frames.

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