Bicycle Mechanic / Sales Job Available.

Full time and part time, Bicycle Sales and Bicycle Mechanic Job available immidiately $12 to $30 per hour depending on experience. Please let us know what your experience in the past has been working in bicycle stores or in the industry.
We are a boutique bicycle Adventure Cycle 2464 Dufferin Street 416 787 4998 Jamis Bicycle Outlet(you can google our info) store looking for an experienced bicycle salesman that is also a good bicycle mechanic. Good articulation in English is important. Characteristics we are looking for: Neat and Tidy, ability to follow direction, effective sales person that can absorb information quickly and is familiar with all parts of the bicycle. Efficient bicycle mechanic that can put together a new bicycle quickly, and effectively but also one that can keep his work area clean and also not lose or break tools. Experience and ability to work on all types of used bicycles from clunkers, road, mountain, and hybrids. Important to be friendly and deal with a variety of cyclists from professionals to leisure enthusiasts. It is helpful if applicant lives close to work. The job is 5 days a week but includes Saturday and Sunday. The job also requires good and fast ten finger typing and the ability plus experience to work on I pads and Apple computers will help.

Have you ever worked in a bicycle shop before?*
If you have worked in a bicycle shop, please tell us the name and location of the store and how long you worked there.
If you have not worked in a bicycle shop, please tell us briefly about any retail experience you have had (company you worked for, job responsibilities).
Work history*
(please tell us about your last 2 jobs and briefly explain your responsibilities there)
Give us an anecdote from your life, which demonstrates your resourcefulness.*
Give us an example of something you’ve done in a past job that shows how you’ll contribute to the success of our business.*
Please tell us anything else you would like us to know about why we should consider you for a position.
Bicycle Knowledge (optional questions)
We hire quality people eager to learn. Feel free to ignore the questions in this section if that’s you. Other positions require bicycle experience. The optional questions below are an opportunity to show what you know.

Please tell us what types of bicycles you have and how you ride.
Define the cycling term “cadence.”
Explain the difference between a tubeless and tubular tire.
What in your opinion are some of the hottest cycling trends today?
What’s your favorite road ride, trail or cycling event?

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