20% off Service February 2017 Adventure Cycle

Adventure Cycle Bicycle Repair Service Shop 20% off for February 2017: 2464 Dufferin street M6B3P8 phone 416 787 4998 9 till 6 during the week and 10 till 6 on weekends. WE ARE A FULL SERVICE BICYCLE EBIKE SHOP, RENTAL CENTRE THAT WORKS ON ALL BICYCLE REPAIRS!! ONE DAY TURN AROUND DEPENDING ON PARTS IN STOCK. !
We are a factory Store for Jamis Bicycles, Stolen brand BMX, DAHNON folding, FULL LINE UP OF ELECTRIC BICYCLES INCLUDING GOCYCLE!
Website: http://www.rbinc-sports.com

We here at Jamis Bikes Canada, have the tools and the experience to make your bike run like it was new.
Give us a call or drop on by. Most of the time we can fix your bike while you wait!

$39 / BIKE
Labour Included / Replacement Parts Extra
– Adjust gears and brakes
– safety check
– point out parts to be replaced

$60 / bike
Labour Included / Replacement Parts Extra
* Clean the drivetrain
* Adjust gears & brakes
* (including cleaning of brake pad surface)
* Lubricate cables & cable housing
* Rear derailleur hanger checked for alignment
* Basic truing of wheels
* Safety check
* (ensure everything is tight, aligned and in good working order)
* Point out parts to be replaced
* (if necessary)
We recommend having this done at least once a year
(depending how much you ride), at the beginning of each season.

$120 / Bike
Labout Included / Replacement Parts Extra
Have you been ignoring your bike?
Need some major TLC?
An overhaul includes everything in the Tune Up package, plus:
* Complete tear-down of bike to its bare frame
* Full rebuild & cleaning of all parts
* Clean & re-grease headset, bottom bracket, and hub bearings
* Full truing of wheels
* All screws and bolts checked for proper toque & safety
* Full bike detailing

Flat Tire Repar
Bike Storage
$6.99 / month
Let us winter your bike in complete safety
Fork Chroming
New Part Installation
$15 – $30
Handlebars, Stems Cranks, Chains, Cassettes, Computers, Tires, Etc.
Spoke Installation
Wheel Building
Facing & Chasing
$29 – $49
We have the tools needed to clean up your frame whether you just got a new paint job or just installing some new parts.
* Bottom Bracket – $49
* Head tube – $49
* Disc Brake Mounts $29

Tru Wheels
$15 – $30 / Wheel
Tubeless Tire sealing
Adjust Drivetrain [ Gears / Brakes ]
Hub Overhaul
Painting Service
$290 Single Colour
Includes Decal Application / Once Colour
Contact us for more info. 
Tubular Tire gluing
With the Purchase of a new bike from us we include a basic fitting. This includes Putting you on the bicycle and setting up your seat possition and cleats for you.
– Reduces chance of injury. Efficiency on the bicycle to make you go faster and longer with less fatique.
Here is a link to the devicesBike Fit.
1.- Seat Height- position using a Goniometer
2.- Seat position behind stem using lasers.
3.- Proper stem length.
4.- Proper handlebar height.
5.- Proper seat angle
6.- Wedges between shoes and cleats using the Ergo Fit System with cleat screw kit. Wedges inside shoes.
7.- Use of washers or spacers to widen pedal position.
8.- Customizing shoe fit. Making sure there are no hot spots in your shoes that create blisters
9.- Using knee dot straps, lasers, G meter and plumb bob we can make sure your knees track up and down and not in a circle causing knee stress.
10. Customizing all of this depending on what your goals are: efficiency, comfort, injuries, Knee back neck arm wrist muscle injuries
11. An entire different category is Triathlon bicycle fit which can also include time trial bicycle fit. Are you a better runner or cyclist? Do you push large gears or spin? Is it for a flat coarse or rolling hills or mountains?


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