Jamis Road Carbon ACE


Before electronic shifting was a commercial reality, we were torn on the benefits of internal cable routing. The advantages – stunningly clean aesthetics, no cable stops to chip, ostensibly cleaner cabling systems – were counter-balanced by its chief disadvantages – the extra weight and friction of full-length housing or interior guide tubes and the labor-intensive challenges of installation and replacement. Given our engineering emphasis on performance-first design, we previously outfitted our road-racing Xeniths with externally routed gear and brake cabling. It was light. It was simple. It was easy to maintain.

But with electronic shifting, it makes much more sense to run everything inside. Attaching and affixing wiring and harnesses externally is every bit as laborious (think cable ties, adhesives and external mounts) as running them internally, where they are much more protected as well. Not to mention, running this stuff inside just looks right.

Which is why every 2014 Xenith is equipped with our new Adaptive Cable Entry system. ACE allows our frames to elegantly and easily manage the internal routing of brake and derailleur cable housing OR electronic Di2 wiring. Xenith models specified with standard cable-actuated drivetrains will be outfitted with ACE plates with integrated cable stops. But we also include with every bike an extra set of ACE plates for Di2 wiring should you ever wish to make the jump to electronic shifting.ace_image_2x

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