Jamis 2017 New bicycles New Models

http://www.rbinc-sports.com This section is to outline some of the upgrades in the line up for 2017. 4167874998
Big Changes: Twelve PLUS bike models (Dragonslayers, Komodos, Dragonflys, Edens) , Updated Durango and Trail X frame designs.

PLUS bikes are the most exciting and most talked about new category in mountain bikes this year – More traction allows riders to ride terrain faster and with more confidence. Increased comfort on rough and rocky trails. Helps ENTRY level riders to ride BETTER. Helps EXPERIENCED riders to ride FASTER. More fun for everyone.

Need to Know!
26+ accommodates 27.5

27.5+ accommodates 29

Komodo Series – Goes PLUS. ALL NEW MODELS!!

New 27.5+ (29) models added.

Komodo 27.5+ Expert – Replaces Dakota Comp
Komodo 27.5+ Sport – Replaces Dakota Sport
Komodo 26+ Expert – Replaces Komodo Pro & Nemesis Comp Komodo 26+ Sport – Replaces Komodo Comp & Nemesis Sport

Dragonslayer Series – Moves to UCC and uses Reynolds 520 for all models. ALL NEW MODELS!!

27.5+ and 26+ options.

Dragonslayer 27.5+ Pro – Replaces Dragonslayer 27.5+ Dragonslayer 27.5+ Sport – Replaces Dragon 29 Sport Dragonslayer 26+ Pro – Replaces Dragon 27.5 Pro Dragonslayer 26+ Sport – Replaces Dragon 27.5 Sport

Dragonfly Series – Goes PLUS. ALL NEW MODELS!!
Reynolds 520 for all models.

Dragonfly 26+ Pro – Replaces Dragonfly 27.5 Dragonfly 26+ Sport – All New Model

Eden Series – Goes PLUS.

New geometry with 120mm forks.

Eden 26+ Expert – Replaces Eden Race Eden 26+ Sport – Replaces Eden Comp

Dakar/Halo XC – Both upgrade to 2×10 drivetrains and tubeless rims.

Trail X Series – Updated Frame Design. New top tube, down tube, head tube, seat stays. All models get bigger 2.25 tires. Sport gets Shimano crankset. THE NEW LOOK OF THSE BIKES IS VERY HIGH END!!!

CODA-New Model – lower price point!

Xeniths – NEW WITH-Disc brake and 12mm TA frame and fork with a redesigned frame/fork.
PRO Force Disc 160mmRACE-Ultegra level Disc 160mm Comp-105 level Disc 160mm

Renegade-This is our hottest category!! This won the best overall bike in the whole UK market.

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