Adventure Cycle Cafe

Cafe Adventure Cycle is fully operational. Free Espresso drinks for all customers coming in November to January and get your warranty tune up completed early!

Jamis Bicycle Factory Store Toronto Best On line Bicycle Shop. (RB Inc).

Adventure Cycle 2464 Dufferin street M6B3P8 just south of California sandwich. Open 10 till 6pm all week long. 416 787 4998 for latest info. Email is for any questions you have.

Why Jamis Bicycles?: Jamis is a family owned company that has been around for over 40 years. They use only name brand parts that have been raced tested in each of their categories to give you the highest performance. The bicycle are design crafted to give you the exact ride you demand. They are niche use models that excel in the category they were designed for. For over 30 years we’ve been designing and manufaturing bicycles unmatched in their performance, value and style. Jamis Bicycles. The Power of Designimg_7202img_5987img_7202img_59904ce2353c-1765-4721-b4bf-1b9f7849fc66


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