Jamis Bicycle Factory Store- Hoverboards

Jamis Factory Store http://www.rbinc-sports.com 416 787 4998 x 0 79 Wingold ave unit 10 Open from 10 to 6. We have hover boards for X-mas

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MOTIO electric powertrain delivers exhilarating performance. Designed for a spontaneous riding experience, MOTIO provides you with a sense of power, speed and absolute control. Thanks to the high-powered motors, MOTIO’s acceleration and deceleration is smooth and instantaneous.

2. How long will it take to learn how to ride the motioboard
After stepping on the motioboard you will need to relax , the board can be fully proficient within 20-30 minutes.

3. Realistically, how long can someone ride an Motioboard before their core/back muscles get tired?
Initially, riding the motioboard can be strenuous due to your body getting acclimated to standing on the device. Once you relax, you can ride the board for its full range of 10-12 miles.

4. How much weight can it support?
The motioboard supports upto 275 pounds

5. Is there any suspension? How does it handle bumps?
The motioboard handles bumps and cracks up to 1/2 inch very well, all you have to do is pay attention and bend your knees. Like rollerblades !

6. How long does it take to charge fully?
The Motioboard charges in about 2 hours.

8. Can it handle wet weather?
The motioboard is IP5 rated which means it can handle dust and light splash of water. You should not ride the motionboard in water or near puddles as water damage is not covered by our warranty !

9.Who was the motioboard designed for
It was designed for people of all ages

10. Where do you ship
All of north america shipping costs are applicable !

Enjoy Riding The Motioboard and send us your images and videos in our contact section.
As the largest retailer of electric moving vehicles in Canada the motioboard has challenged us to share it with everyone to change the way people move.
Our goal is to service everyone’s needs equally as we have the largest service center in Toronto Canada. Serviced and assembled right here in Canada for full customer satisfaction guaranteed. There are many fakes of these boards out in the market. Please be advised these are not originals and they will malfunction and hold a very small lifespan.
Enjoy your new MotioBoard

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