Cycloc Bicycle Storage Answers

Cycloc Accessories available at Jamis Bicycle Factory Store 79 Wingold ave unit 10 open 7 days a week 416 787 4998 x 0

cycloc-solo-00large cycloc-wrap-0lg cycloc-loop-01 cycloc-endo-1-2 cycloc-endo-1 cycloc-hero-1


Fold flat vertical cycle storage

  • Attractive, vertical cycle storage, for home, office or retail applications.
  • Ideal for high density installations with little space, secure four point fixing, fixings included.
  • Protect your wheels and wall with wide rubber contact points, front & rear wheel pad included.
  • Hollow hinge accommodates a conventional bicycle lock.
  • Available in 7 colours.
  • Main support unit
  • Hook clips open for bike access.
    Hollow hinge accomodates
    a conventional bicycle.
    Fold falt feature only 32mm thick.
    Rubber contact point protect your wheel.
    Rebate on the side for
    easy opening.
    Discrete four point fixings.
    Robust glass filled Polypropylene.
    Integrated wheel pad protects your wall.
    Wipe clean rubber insert.
  • Secondary wheel pad
  • Integrated wheel pad protects your wall.
  • Wipe clean rubber insert.
  • Self-adhesive pad on rear or optional two point screw fixing


Helmet and accessory storage

  • Versatile storage for the home or office.
  • Simple to install, invisible wall plate mounting and fixings included.
  • Ideal for use in conjunction with Solo or Endo cycle storage products.
  • Perfect for organising helmets, jackets, locks and accessories.
  • Install as a single unit or array in multiples.
  • Available in 7 colours.


Ankle and accessory strap

  • Simple, stylish & versatile rubber accessory strap for use on and off your bike.
  • Adjustable length, three pitches and capacity to stretch, link together for extra length.
  • Protect your trousers when riding & prevent your bars from turning when storing at home.
  • Lock and leave with your bike, holes accommodate a bike lock.
  • Use as a bungee for carrying small packages.
  • Available in 6 colours.


smart simple storage for all bike styles

•Versatile – store bikes horizontally in left or right orientations.
  • Facility to lock bike in place.
  • Ideal for all bikes: children’s, ladies, gents and tandems.
  • Perfect for home, office or retail display.
  • Make efficient use of space with a tiered installation.
  • Suitable for clipless or platform pedals.
  • Discreet wheel rests protect walls from dirt and damage.
  • Available in 7 bright colours.

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