Stolen Brand BMX Bicycles

Jamis Bicycle Factory Store Offering Stolen Brand BMX Bicycles! 79 Wingold ave unit 10 open 7 days a week 10 till 6
Founded in the UK in 2002 and co-owned by Anthony Revell and Dave Wootten, Stolen Bikes has become a force in the BMX market over the past few years.  Widely recognized as a leader in high-quality, high-value complete bikes Stolen has also developed a strong following because they are among the best at making all their bikes look sexy, not just the expensive ones.  From base models like the Riot and Pinch all the way up to the top of the line Cheater, every Stolen model has the most up-to-date colors so riders with any budget can find a bike with the look they’re after.
Stolen Bikes isn’t focused only on completes though.  Dave and Anthony have also pulled together a really complete line of components, all with high quality and really moderate prices.  Looking to build up a new frame?  Stolen pioneered the area of build kits that provide all the parts you need, color coordinated for a good price in a single box.  Need a new set of wheels?  Stolen has a couple of solid options in the Roulette and the Revolver.  Another highlight is Stolen’s development and use of Thermalite, which is a nylon-based material that is more durable than some of the other plastics in the BMX market right now, making it possible to use not only in pedals but also things like axle pegs and even seatposts.  Of course, just like with their complete bikes the color choices are spot-on.
Stolen Bikes is pretty low key when it comes to marketing, which means you may not hear as much about them as some other brands who dedicate more time and resources to keeping their name in circulation.  The good news is that extra time is spent looking and listening to the market, and those extra resources are poured into making the best product at the best price.  Take a look at their line and we think you’ll agree that their priorities are in the right place.

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