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BKOOL INCORPORATES WEATHER CONDITIONS INTO VIRTUAL REALITY CYCLINGThe cyclist can ride with people anywhere in the world, right from home.This technological advance will revolutionize the practice of cyclingMadrid, Spain, (25 March, 2015). Bkool launches 3D RealWeather technology, which promises to revolutionize the practice of cycling and virtual reality. This original technological advance turns any cycling route on the planet into a 3D virtual world, depicting their weather conditions in real time, like rain, sun, wind and snow. The cyclist can immerse himself in virtual scenarios replicating the real ones while competing from home against multiple participants located anywhere in the world.IT REPRODUCES THE WEATHER ON ANY CYCLING ROUTE IN THE WORLDA simulation breakthrough.

bkool-realweather-wind bkool-realweather-rain bkool-realweather-night bkool-realweather-fog 10952643_946200895413529_4400565804474545983_o Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 9.57.39 AM BKOOL-3D-VR-World-trainer Tacx-v-BKOOL-VR-screenshots unnamed 1418258640884-111iei92j1mql-700-80 bkool-3d

When the cyclist selects a route Bkool 3D RealWeather™ simulates its meteorological conditions, and in 3D. The weather phenomena are depicted in real time, and cover every route in the world. This advance represents a breakthrough in virtual simulation, making possible extremely realistic virtual scenarios. This new development is launched applied to the practice of cycling, but it will be progressively expanded to other sports and multiple fields, like video games and driver’s training.Exact reproduction. If the user chooses a route through London and it’s raining, the simulator will depict the rain, with drops hitting the asphalt. If he opts for a route in New York and it’s snowing, the simulator will portray the snow. If it’s windy in Tokyo, blowing at a certain speed and from a certain direction, the user will feel it pushing or pulling him. If there is fog, it will appear on the simulator, affecting his view of the road. If there is a storm, lightning will illuminate the scene. If the day is cloudy the landscape on the simulator will be darkened by the clouds. Bkool 3D RealWeather™ also reproduces the time of day: the simulator portrays the light conditions at dawn, in the morning, at dusk, and at night.See video > https://www.youtube.com/embed/7n2HsYwb–UTHE BKOOL SIMULATOR RECREATES ANY ROUTE ON THE PLANET, IN 3DBkool is a pioneer in 3D simulation. Last August it presented the first and only simulator capable of recreating any route on the planet, in 3D, from the most remote corner of China to the most cosmopolitan city in Europe or the United States.Exact reproduction. As the cyclist pedals at home, the simulator transmits to him the features of the terrain through the trainer. Thus, if in the real world there is a climb, or a descent, the user will really feel it, as if he were right there. The simulator also depicts the landscape, in 3D, with the rivers, trees and rocks typical of the area. This is possible because the simulator “knows” the landscape of every place in the world, providing users with an extremely realistic experience.Unlimited cycling routes. Bkool’s major contribution to the sport and the videogame industry is that its virtual 3D scenarios are unlimited, unlike other simulators, whose routes are pre-recorded and reduced in number.BKOOL TAKES CYCLING INTO THE VIRTUAL WORLDCompete from home. Bkool’s technology makes possible the mass participation of users in sports events, leagues, long-distance races, or simple rides. Without leaving home the user can practice the sport along with as many people as he wishes, no matter where they are around the world. Each participant takes the form of an avatar to immerse himself in the 3D world, where he can interact with other avatars.See video > https://www.youtube.com/embed/6-jFxLtvAjESocial networks. Bkool promotes the sport and communication, creating social networks that transcend geographical limits, thereby overcoming isolation. The multiple cyclists participating in a race on the simulator can speak to each other as they pedal, no matter where they are located in the world.Analysis in the Cloud. The Bkool simulator is rounded out by a powerful analytical platform in the Cloud. The objective is improvement through analysis. The data on one’s training – like time, distance covered, heart rate, and speed – are analyzed and graphically displayed.THE BKOOL SIMULATOR IS AVAILABLE FOR FREEThe Bkool simulator, including RealWeather™, is already available and can be downloaded from the webpage (www.bkool.com). In its free version users can enjoy complete cycling practice, while the version including 3D simulation requires the payment of a monthly fee. The Bkool simulator can be used with any cycling trainer meeting the ANT+ standard, or even with a stationary bicycle.About Bkool ®Bkool is a technological company creating interactive and innovative solutions for sports and videogaming. In the field of cycling it has developed the world’s most advanced trainer and simulator, which allows cyclists to ride any route in the world, in 3D, accompanied by other riders simultaneously connected from different locations. With the simulator the user experiences the same sensations at home that he would out on the road. Its Bkool 3D RealWorld technology replicates any route in the world, in 3D, recreating the actual terrain and features of the landscape. Its Bkool 3D RealWeather™ technology recreates, in real time, the weather conditions on any route. Bkool is available in 7 languages, including Chinese and Japanese, and distributes its products all over the world.CONTACT: USA: pressUSA@bkool.com EUROPE: press@bkool.com (in English)DOWNLOAD IMAGES AND VIDEOS AT THIS LINK: http://www.bkool.com/help/pressPlease do not publicly show this link. Use reserved for the press. Thank you.WHAT MAKES BKOOL DIFFERENTBkool is the most advanced cycling simulator. These are just some of the features that set Bkool apart from other cycling simulators and make it a pioneer in developing cycling-related simulations:Bkool 3D Word. The simulator reproduces the scenery of any route in the world in 3D, recreating the rivers, trees and rocks in an area. It also reproduces elements of any type that are added to the setting by man’s actions, such as roads, buildings, and so on. This is possible because the simulator knows the scenery of every place on Earth. This feature was launched in August of 2014.Unlimited 3D scenery. Bkool’s great contribution to cycling, thanks to its 3D World technology, is that its virtual 3D landscapes are unlimited, unlike other simulators with their pre-recorded and limited number of routes.Bkool 3D RealWeather ™. The simulator recreates atmospheric phenomena, such as rain, sunlight, wind and snow, along any route anywhere. These conditions are recreated in real time and cover every route in the world. It also differentiates between night and day and accurately recreates the position of the Sun and Moon in the sky. Launched in March of 2015.See video > https://www.youtube.com/embed/7n2HsYwb–U3Duser-created routes. Users can ride routes created by other users, but they can also easily create their own 3D routes by uploading their route data in .gpx format.Voice chat. Multiple cyclists in a simulator race can talk with one another as they ride, regardless of where they all are.Messages on the road. Curious onlookers can watch the cyclists as spectators and send them messages of encouragement, which will be displayed on the road for the cyclists to see in real time.CONTACT:USA: pressUSA@bkool.comEUROPE: press@bkool.comDOWNLOAD IMAGES AND VIDEOS FROM THIS LINK: http://www.bkool.com/help/pressDo not show link publicly. Reserved for press use only. Thank you.

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