BKool Indoor Tainer Updates


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BKOOL Upgrades to the software! New Bicycle Routes Daily on Line! Computerized bicycle riding around the world, On line, Cycling with Real Riders and Computerized Riders from around the world WOW!
 – Please call us for information 416 787 4998 x 0 $719 Canadian or $649 for USA customers.
Code 269 We just received more in the showroom including Matts, heart rate monitors and cadence sensors. Keep that fitness up all winter and ride with your friends and new friends from around the world on 2500 different course choice!
BKOOL Indoor Trainer SIMULATOR Hi Tech www.rbinc-sports.com 79 Wingold ave Unit 10. Open 7 days a week to test out.  Reasonably priced the most awesome trainer that is a Video simulator- works on I Pads or Computers this is cutting edge technology- Ride against the computer or your friends on courses around the world or make up your own coarse!

Bkool is a technology company that creates innovative and advanced hardware and software solutions for the sports industry. Bkool has developed the most advanced trainer and simulator: its 3D WORLD application allows cyclists to ride any route in the world in 3D. The truly groundbreaking innovation is that the 3D, rather than being recorded, is automatically generated as one pedals.

This application synchronizes with its trainer, which lets users ride at home and experience the same sensations as when riding out on the road. Its simulator lets up to 100 people located anywhere in the world ride at the same time. Thanks to its versatility, the user can decide whether to use Bkool as a virtual game for entertainment or as an elite training tool to help cyclists and triathletes achieve their best performance.

Extreme realism

Experience the most realistic sensations. Professionals agree: with Bkool actual riding sensations on the ground can really be felt.
Pro Trainer
NOISE EMISSION (at 4000 rpm) Low (64dBA)
(a conversation ranges from 40-70dBA)
WEIGHT Very light.
10.9 kg.
SIZE Detalles
Compact. 580 x 610 x 412 mm.
800 x 610 x 412 mm (arms extended)
Bkool Indoor
Indoor riding simulator
For the most realistic riding experience. Enjoy hundreds of real videos and over 500,000 riding sessions. Ride with up to 100 friends from all over the world. Create, share and take part in leagues, groups and rankings.
Bkool Outdoor
Cycling and running app
Easily record your rides and runs on your mobile. Track your training in real time or analyze the data afterwards. Store your training data at Bkool.com and analyze it, share it or relive it at home.
Track GPS. Record your route using your phone’s GPS.
On-screen display. See distance, duration, speed, heart rate and power information.
Maps. See your activity as you record it or a history of past sessions.
Altimeter. See the altitude profile for the activity.
Auto-pause.Recording stops automatically when you stop moving.
Audio. Voice feedback while you train.
Android 2.1 and later.
iOS 3.0 and later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
Bkool video editor
Video route editor for cycling
Create your own video profiles easily with our editor. Use a camera with GPS or combine it with your usual GPS device. Display the route on the map. Edit all or part of the route and correct mistakes in the profile. Upload it to Bkool where you can repeat it and share it.
Import directly from your camera to the editor. Compatible with Garmin Virb/Contour/GoPro.
Route editing. Do it all or just the parts you want.
Synchronize. Match up the video with the GPS track.
Profile adjustments. Correct any errors in the GPS.
Points. Label the sprints, mountain passes and points of interest.
Map routes. If you don’t have a GPS track, trace it out yourself.
Operating system: Windows XP / XP64 / Vista / Vista 64 / 7 / 8 (with latest service packs installed). Mac OS X v10.6 / v10.7 / v10.8 / v10.9.
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.4 GHz or AMD Athlon XP 1500+ or better.
Memory: 1 GB RAM.
Hard drive space: 500 MB.
Internet connection (map view, update altitude, upload edited video).
Bkool Indoor
Indoor riding simulator
For the most realistic riding experience. Enjoy hundreds of real videos and over 500,000 riding sessions. Ride with up to 100 friends from all over the world. Create, share and take part in leagues, groups and rankings.
Cycling trainer + Simulator in one
Try it for free and pay only if you keep it.
Get the most realistic experience without leaving your home.
The best equipment in cycling.
Plug & Play

Connect it and pedal. It’s that easy!
Powerful: 1,200 W

Ramps up to 1,200w, on a progressive curve. You’ll feel just like you were out there on the road.
Compact & Light

Easy storage. We’ve reduced its weight and size to a minimum.
Smart behavior

Advanced electronics. The result of combining biomechanical engineering with the most powerful cycling software.

Bkool is one of the quietest trainers, which is very important if you’re going to train at home.
Great looks

Crafted design. Aesthetics matter
3D World. First time in the world!

Cover any route on the planet, alone or with up to 100 friends. Exclusive Bkool technology.


The cadence sensor fits in the chainstays of any bike with supplied cable ties. The magnet is also zip-tied to left hand crank arm. The BKool ANT+ cadence sensor is paired with the ANT+ USB dongle and BSim laptop software. Uses wireless ANT+ transmission Cadence is then displayed and recorded for all your indoor sessions Size: 3 x 3 x 1.5cm Weight: 50 gr Connectivity: ANT+ Range: 5m


• Adjustable to your chest size.
• Soft, flexible and comfortable design.
• The monitor is detachable so you can wash the strap.
• Ultra lightweight pod (under 1/2 oz – 14 grams)..
• Long battery life.
• ANT+™ wireless technology.

It will be a valuable tool for you to keep on improving.


USB ANT+ Dongle for hooking up your BKOOur computer.


Training Mat

Spare or Replacement Skewer for the BKOOL Trainer.

BKOOL Quick release is necessary in order to use BCycling (included when you buy the equipment). It secures the attachment of the bicycle’s frame to the swinging arm of the stand in order to prevent accidents that might occur due to movement during use.

There are 2,564 sessions in the system categorized as extremely hard and many more easy and moderate, Use the filters on the simulator. On the website: go to sessions, and select from the left panel only the extreme difficulty.

The Bkool system pushes you to get better: (your name here) Richard,

CICLESPORTALBORAIA beat you in ‘Okango – Eibar’ , 9.7 Km. and spent 02:06 less than you. Don´t give up! Seek revenge!Train with Bkool!

BKOOL: Your fitness level in Cycling isAmateur 4, Your last FTP value update was on 06/12/2014 01:54. You developed an average power of 202.22 W. To get to the next level you should do any of this: Take a FTP test developing an average power over 211.16 W. Complete an Indoor Cycling session of over 30 minutes developing an average power over 211.16 W

Your fitness level in Running isAmateur 1. To get to the next level you should do any of this: Take a COOPER test running more than 1.70 Km. Take a 10K test in less than 1:14:00,0

Indoor Trainer Accessories: http://www.rbinc-sports.com

Is your indoor trainer noisy and annoying your partner or neighbours. Two options to fix this problem: The Bkool training $89 Mat will make things nice and quiet plus decrease vibration and will allow less vibration to your bicycle so is good for your frames longevity. This mat is super cushy and works on all trainers. The Bkool training mat is the perfect complement for your sessions. It is black and made of rubber featuring an embossed logo on one side. The flexible gel core protects the floor and reduces noise while ensuring the unit’s stability.
The other issue is making sure your bicycle is flat on the floor.

Most trainers lift the rear wheel so you need to do it to your front wheel as well. If you don’t then you will feel like you cycling down hill non stop. If you use books to raise the front wheel the bicycle is not stable for sprinting and hill climbing. Cycle Ops Climbing Block will solve the problem: For a stable, worry-free ride with any rear wheel-mounted trainer.
Unique 3-level design lets you select the level of difficulty.
Stack two blocks to simulate climbing workouts.

Bicycle trainers are hard on your rear tires tread. Trainer tires save your expensive regular rear tire from excessive wear, ULTRA QUIET, SUPER DURABLE, 700 X 23 Inexpensive

Before sharing the routes of the week with you we’d like to tell you about some of the simulator’s new features following the recent update.

Reconnection to the multiplayer server. If for any reason you lose your Internet connection, when you get it back you will be reconnected to the server and able to continue the multiplayer session with your rival cyclists.

Slope reduction. We give the option to adjust a session’s slopes, with different reductions: 0/25/50/75%. These sessions will not count towards rankings and classifications, etc. You will find this option on the simulator in the session details section.

Improved 3D view. Elements have been added along roads (walls, cars, people, fences, etc…) and the routes’ 3D surroundings have been enhanced.

Fitness level: The colors on the sides of a user’s maillot indicate his fitness level.

Workington – High Harrington. Cumbria, United Kingdom
We start out in England, with a session of average difficulty. You will find some very steep sections followed by descents during which you can recover. On the last part of the route you will be able to relax and just pedal. Thanks to Scott for this fun route.

Bomhus. Ävle, Sweden.
A gentle 20-km ride with a little over 100 m of total slope, outside Bomhus in Sweden. Thanks to Karl-Olof for sharing this beautiful snow-covered backdrop with us.

Montecassino. Lazio, Italy
To make it to the top of Montecassino, once home to a temple to Apollo, and today the site of a Benedictine abbey, you will have to climb 9 km, with an average slope of over 4.5%. But all your effort will surely be rewarded by the gods. 😉

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