Bicycle Trailers

Bicycle Trailers allow you to carry extra goods in a trailer or go on a off road or on road camping trip! Allows your bicycle to stay light and responsive.
Bob Bike Trailers $369 to $469
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This lightweight trailer provides a suitable alternative to touring with racks and panniers on an extended cycling trip. The open frame design allows many different packing options. A low center of gravity and profile enable the trailer to negotiate dirt roads and non-technical trails. The knobby tires track well on dirt roads and trails. Even works with dual-suspension bikes!
Can carry up to 30kg.
High quality, durable 4130 chrome-moly steel frame.
Aluminum rims with stainless steel spokes.
Safety flag and rear reflector included.
Aluminum hub with cartridge bearings and quick release skewer.
Comes with quick release attachment system, spare attachment pin, Spider bungee cord.
Cargo area is 64 x 41 x 46cm.
Attaches to most rear quick-release wheels.
Separate BOB brand skewers are required for use with tandems and solid axle bikes.
BOB Ibex Suspension Cycling Trailer
The growing popularity of off-road bike touring means more cyclists enjoying longer and more demanding adventures. The BOB Ibex is equal to any cycling adventure. It has adjustable suspension that provides minimum 3-inch travel on the wheel. It dramatically extends the possibilities for off-road adventures.
Chromoly construction for strength and durability with strengthening gussets in the frame.
Adjustable suspension system.
Coil over spring shock.
4 water bottle attachments.
BOB attachment system attaches in seconds.
Single wheel tracks the rear wheel of the bicycle, ideal for commuting, narrow roads and singletrack.
Rear wheel features aluminum rim, stainless steel spokes and cartridge bearings for performance and durability.
Low center of gravity for stability. Keeps the weight off your bicycle for improved handling and performance.
Carrying capacity is 31.7kg.
Compatible with most full-suspension bicycles and most bicycles that have solid-axle hubs.
Not compatible with rear 12mm thru-axles or Fat Bikes.
Attaches quickly and easily to a bicycle’s rear wheel using the BOB Quick Release or BOB Nutz system.
Low center of gravity keeps the weight off your bicycle frame for better handling and performance than racks and panniers.
Trailer tracks rear wheel of bicycle, making it easier to navigate narrow roads or single track.
70 lb. carrying capacity so you don’t have to leave anything behind.
Constructed of 4130 chromoly steel tubing that’s lightweight and long-lasting.
Yak 28 – for 28” wheels, 29er mountain bikes and 700c road bikes with full wrap fenders.
Yak Plus – comes with a BOB Dry Sak.
If your bicycle doesn’t sport quick-release hubs, a set of BOB Nutz lets you attach the Yak or Ibex trailer to solid-axle wheels and internally-geared hubs.
WIKE FLATBED TRAILER $150 small to $250 for the large
If you want a quality cargo trailer at an affordable price you’ve come to the right place. The Wike Flatbed Cargo is the perfect balance of affordability and quality. Produced in a Canadian factory by a Canadian team, the Wike Economy Cargo bike trailer is built to last. Precision ground bearings and quality rims and tires make towing effortless. There are six holes in the platform to accept hooks to tie down your cargo with bungee cords or straps (not provided)

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