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Studies show that 96% of all cyclists are misaligned in their connection to the bicycle, decreasing comfort & efficiency.

Of these cyclists, most have what is known as a Forefoot Varus (the inside of the foot tilts upward).  This causes a misalignment as soon as you clip into a pedal as the pedal is flat.

Cleat Wedges are stackable to fine-tune to your unique forefoot tilt.

Figuring the amount of Wedges to start with can be done with the Forefoot Measuring Device (part# 7010101) or with the Foot Tilt tool on the BikeFit App for iPad.

The BikeFit App for iPad is a great tool for providing visual information to the cyclist.  Now you can measure forefoot tilt and SHOW the cyclist, making your wedging process even easier.
Remember, wedges are designed to “fill the gap” between the natural tilt of the foot and the flat pedal.  Wedges are not designed to change your foot.  Rather, they should be used to allow your foot to remain closer to its natural position.
For more on the BikeFit App for iPad please visit the iTunes App store on your iPad.

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