Bicycle Fender

Fendor Bendor
This is the mudguard for your bike that you can always bring with you, and only use when needed. It folds up small, so it can be neatly stored in backpack or jersey. When it starts raining: unfold it and install it within seconds. The best thing: it’s very effective.
DCIM100GOPRO20141031-RED-BLOG2_1024x102420141031-RED-BLOG6_1024x102420141031-RED-BLOG7_1024x102420141105-SAMEDAY_1024x1024FENDOR-BENDOR-DONTDO-RHC-KELLI-1-2048PXWEB_grande20140704_FB3_BLACK-PS-ONBIKE-3D_LND-WEB2048_grandeFENDOR-BENDOR-FOLDED-WEB2048PX-LND_grande20141105-SAMEDAY_1024x102420140704_FB3_BLACK-PS-ONBIKE-SIDE_LND-WEB2048_grande20140708_FB3_BLACK-PS_LND_grandeScreen Shot 2014-11-23 at 1.39.03 AMFENDOR-BENDOR-MANUAL-STEP2-2048PX-WEB-LNDolaf-wit-dijon_1024x1024
Designed and made by WIT Industries in Amsterdam. Yes, produced in Amsterdam.
Easy and quick to install. No tools required. Super lightweight ~60 gms
Fits your road bike, fixed gear bike fixie, mountainbike.
Storm proof.
Recycled and recycleable plastic.

Doesn’t work with monostay frames.
Read manual.
Although Fendor-Bendor has a colorfoul history, the last 2 years have been almost exclusively black and white.
We like that and will go on with it. The first reason for this, is that we use an extra thick = stable plastic sheet that is not easily available in many colors. The other reason is that we like to use the black plastic, because it’s made of 100% scrap plastic. So that’s a residual material from another production process. In the future, we want all our plastics to be 100% recycled or from a residual material stream (now it’s at least all 100% recycleable.

But we like red, and we know many of you do, too. So we decided to add the first color to our collections, since 2012. We’ve chosen the famous painting by Barnett Newman as the reference for the color. If you want to know more about this piece of art, you could read Pepe’s and Rowan’s answers to our little Instagram contest.

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