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To get warmed up we include various climbs up to mountain passes this week.

Finale Ligura. Liguria, Italy
A 26-km route on which you will have to ascend Le Manie, 4 km with an average slope of 7%. After this grueling effort you will continue to climb, more gently, before finally descending and returning to Finale Liguria, along the coast.
Kancamagus Highway Climb from Conway. New Hampshire, USA
35 km of continuous climbing along Route 112 towards Kancamagus Pass. On the final section the going gets steeper, with an average slope of 7% along the last 4 km.
Goodwood Circuit. West Sussex, UK
An easy 24-km ride, with a climb in the middle, outside the Goodwood Motor Circuit in the county of West Sussex.
Mont Ventoux. Alps, France
Finally, a climb up Mont Ventoux, a genuine colossus; many battles have been waged along its 21 km and 1,600-m rise. Pace yourself to reach the top.
We are writing to remind you that we are offering you the chance to try out 3D World without a Premium subscription, so that you can experience this new feature for yourself.
3D World is automatically generated. Our target is to process every route and generate its 3D view, but it takes some time. Please note that our users upload hundreds of routes everyday.
Seize this opportunity and don’t miss out. At a later date you will need a Premium subscription to enjoy it.

Happy cycling!
The Bkool Team

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