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Glide Bikes was started over eight years ago with one goal in mind: to help people learn how to ride bikes. It is with a dedication to our customers and our vision that inspires us to continue to tell the world about balance bikes! Our bikes are the perfect tools to help kids build their confidence by learning how to balance without the use of training wheels.
Most of us have learned how to ride a bicycle by using training wheels; however, training wheels leave out one very important element when it comes to mastering the skills of bike riding, balance! It is the inability to balance while riding a bike that makes it so challenging to transition from training wheels to a traditional two wheel bike.This challenge is what a balance bike prepares you for! By being built low to the ground, designed with low speed geometry, and the omission of chains, pedals and gears, Glide Bikes are able to set up anyone with the best possible scenario for learning balance, allowing them to be more confident and achieve more in less time.The design of every Glide Bikes model makes it the perfect learning tool for children of all abilities, including those with special needs. The bicycle’s capacity to balance at slow speeds allows children to become familiar with the feeling of balancing early on. The bike continues to give them more and more confidence as they begin to spend less time with both feet on the ground, and more time balancing. Discover the perfectly sized bike for your child with our sizing chart!Glide Bikes were created so that children, while seated, could place both feet on the ground at any given time. Their feet operate as both the gas and the brakes. “Running” with the bike generates the momentum needed for kids to begin experimenting with balance, and if a child ever feels uncomfortable or about to fall they simply need to place their feet on the ground to avoid falling over.

Glide Bikes are light and safe, weighting in at just 8-10 pounds. This allows children to easily handle and manipulate the bike without any fear that it will be too heavy to operate. Glide Bikes are also designed with our patented low speed geometry which allows children to balance at the slow speed of 2 mph. Riders as young as 18 months can begin their bike riding adventures easily and safely with Glide Bikes.
EZEE Glider
Glide Bike’s very own Ezee Glider is the perfect balance bike for our youngest riders, fitting children from 18 months to 5 years old.

Our flagship Mini Glider is perfect for the beginning learner.

For kids between 5-10 years old, the Go Glider will keep learning to ride a bike stress-free and full of fun.

EVA Foam VS Air Tires

EVA Foam Tires VS Air Tires

Our Glide Bikes use a mixture of the EVA foam tires and the air tires. If you’re confused about which one to buy we’ll spell out the different benefits of each for you!

You might be interested in bikes with the EVA foam tires if:

You don’t want to deal with any maintenance
You’ll be riding on primarily a smooth paved road outside
Do the EVA foam tires sound like the perfect fit? Check out the EZee Glider with the EVA foam tires (ages 18 months to 5 years) or the Mini Glider (ages 2-5). Remember to check out our Sizing Chart to make sure your kid gets the perfect fitting bike!

If the following applies to you, an air tire bike might be your best fit:

You’re comfortable with pumping tires and minimal maintenance
You’ll be riding the bike outdoors, on a bumpy surface
You’ll be riding indoors on a gymnasium floor
You desire more traction on your ride
Want a smoother ride

Are the air tires the best option for you and your needs? Try the Ezee Glider with air tires (ages 18 months to 5 years) or the Go Glider (5-10). Remember to review the Sizing Chart so your child gets the best sized bike!

Building a Prototype
Knowing that the key to the design of a Balance bike is enabling balance, I based my first glider prototype on the same geometry as a downhill mountain bike now our (Patented Slow speed geometry) *, which has a lower center of gravity to give the rider increased stability and a slower balancing speed. My first balance bike model was handmade out of PVC in my backyard in the suburbs of Boston, while there was still snow on the ground.
Since that first prototype learning bike, I perfected the design, making minor adjustments to the steering angle and seat height, and began to manufacture Glide Bikes by hand in my workshop in Wilmington, NC, where I moved in 2005. I was proud to be the only Balance bike designed and manufactured in the United States.
All of these features come together to form the perfect balance bike. Children and parents alike will love the safe design of our Glide Bikes, which allows riders to simply place their feet down should they need to stop, or balance. Due to the low balancing speed and lightweight design of the balance bike, the child can easily control it without the assistance of a parent.
Our newest balance bike, the Super Glider, was specifically designed for older children with special needs and adults who have never ridden a bike before. Featuring a larger frame, adjustable seat, and a pedal system that can be added, the Super Glider is the perfect solution for anybody who wants to learn how to ride a bike safely and easily.

We now hold a US utility patent an over 6 year endeavor.
*Downhill Mountain Bike Geometry (65° seat and head tube angles) is designed to give the bike the slowest balancing speed possible. Regular Mountain Bike Geometry is 68-69° seat and head tube angle. Road Bike Geometry is 70-71° seat and head tube angle.

Super Glider™

The Glide Bikes Super Glider™ is designed for children ages 10 and up. Never learned to ride a bike before? The Super Glider comes with an attachable peg system for use as a balance bike, allowing you the opportunity to test and gain skills in balance before taking off. Once you’ve mastered the balancing portion, just replace the foot peg system with the pedal assembly and you are ready to start cycling. Haven’t ridden a bike in a long time but are looking for a comfortable, easy to balance bicycle? Then look no further than the low to the ground, and intuitive balance design of the Super Glider!

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