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Bike Fit, Bikefit Professional Road Bicycle fit RB Inc Open 7 days a week 79 Wingold ave: We took Darleen and worked out all her measurements. Tough as she was wearing black but this is only part of our fit evaluation. http://www.rbinc-sports.com

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“Overall, this app is pretty cool. Mostly because it’s actually useful…” – Ray Maker, DC Rainmaker.com blog

Bike Fast Fit is a video bike fitting system app. Use Bike Fast Fit to ride faster and longer, improve comfort and reduce risk of injury.

Capture a video clip from the side or front to dynamically record the rider’s position in motion. This provides more realistic picture of a rider’s actual pedal strokes and body positions than sitting statically on the bike.

Measure key riding position angles and distances using Bike Fast Fit’s video analysis tools. Find the ideal riding position that’s both powerful and comfortable through adjustments to seat height and position, handlebar height, and stem length.

Proper bike fit is important since the body accounts for around 70 percent of aerodynamic drag. Use Bike Fast Fit to assess and make changes to riding position and find free speed.

Video Capture
Capture video clips easily with alignment aids and full camera control:
+ Variety of video formats including super slo motion (iPhone 5s only)
+ Front or back facing camera
+ Side and front profile alignment aids
+ Self timer up to 60 seconds
+ Audible and visual timer alerts
+ Import and analyze a photo

Industry Standard Tools
Analyze your riding position and bike setup with eighteen industry standard video analysis tools:
+ Arm Angle
+ Brake Levers
+ Foot Angle
+ Forearm Angle
+ Frame Reach
+ Frame Stack
+ Handlebar Angle
+ Hip Angle
+ Knee Angle (min/max)
+ Knee Over Pedal
+ Seat Over Handlebars
+ Seat Tube Angle
+ Shoulder Angle
+ Shoulder to Handlebar
+ Torso Angle (climbing/touring/speed)
+ Projected Frontal Area

General Purpose Tools
Measure other angles and distances with eight additional measurement tools:
+ Angle
+ Angle Distance
+ Angle from Horizontal
+ Angle from Vertical
+ Gridlines
+ Horizontal Distance
+ Length
+ Vertical Distance

Bike Fit Report
Generate a Bike Fit Report detailing the measurements you have taken.
+ Email or share through cloud
+ Print report to AirPrinter
+ View pdf online

Share your bike fit measurements between devices or with friends and coaches through:
+ Apple iCloud
+ Dropbox
+ Google Drive

User Guide
Get the most out of the application with information on:
+ Bike Setup
+ Camera Setup
+ Body Marking
+ Measurement Tools
+ Application Features

Take your biking to the next level with Bike Fast Fit.

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