What is a Hybrid Bicycle??

These represent different options on a Hybrid. What is a hybrid? Mountain bicycle position with fast light thinner road wheels. Lighter then a mountain bike and faster but less durable if you hit big pot wholes and curbs. The DXT though acts more like a mountain bicycle with suspension forks and wider rims and tires but at a weight penalty. Great way to get to work and have some fun as well. We also have higher end Hybrids $800 to $2500: The more you spend on a bicycle the lighter its, the better everything works, and the more durable all the parts are so you will save minimum $300 on drivetrain parts with in the first 3000 kms.

This weeks sale:

Blowout Hybrid Bicycle Sale RB Inc. Hudson 1 $279, Citizens 1 $349, Commuter 1 $449, Allegro X Comp $849, Allegro Sport $479, Coda Sport $469, DXT Sport $599DSC05946 DSC03580 DSC05266

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