Cyclocross Bicycles the Swiss Army of Bicycles

Cyclocross Bicycles offer the most value if you do all sorts of cycling, off road, touring, city, commuter, dirt road, grass, mud, snow and ice they do it all. They are usually a comfortable upright position with a long wheelbase that is very easy to ride in a straight line hence not twitchy at all. You can put nice wide tires for a stable ride or knobby tires for off road or winter riding. 79 Wingold ave unit 10 We have a full line of $700 to $5000 Cyclocross Bicycles ready to ship North American wide with a $50 shipping credit for August September.

Some great videos on You tube Jamis bicycles search

IMG_0258 pdx-usgp-day2-joe-sales-7176 2013-05-22 Bicycle Friends Mud Girl Face Cyclocross

8454881704_c06edc1a93_z 10971898566_6ce8db3873_z 14299671364_4852c96cb1_z DSC03225

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