Hi Tech, Hi Performance Sunscreen for Sports Ironman! Skin Strong

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Hi Tech, Hi Performance Sunscreen for Sports Ironman! Skin Strong

Unbeatable protection against chafing and hot spots, yet, gentle enough for the most sensitive skin. Contains Tea Tree Oil.

Subtle cooling formula – Fresh signature scent

Just a few great uses for SLATHER:

Long lasting chamois cream
Prevent blisters on feet
Prevent chafing on inner thighs
Soothe tired skin after a hard work out
Can even be used for chafed skin that developed after you forgot to SLATHER first!
Official Product of Ironman
Friction and anti chafing cream protection in a convenient spray formula. Simply spray on without getting cream on your hands.

Non-greasy and non-staining
Fresh signature scent.
Official Product of Ironman
Just a few great uses for SLIK:

Prevent chafing on inner thighs and under arms
Prevent chafing under heart rate monitors, under sports bras, and clothing seams
For use under wetsuits for anti chafing, chafing prevention and quick removal
Spray on feet for quick transitions in short distance triathlons

SLIK DUST prevents hot spots and blisters. This Teflon based anti chafing powder provides long lasting protection in a convenient bottle. The anti-fungal ingredients, Tea Tree Oil and Tolnaftate, will keep your feet strong and healthy (and no more smelly shoes!)

Features / Benefits

Reduces friction, blisters and hot spots.
Moisture wicking
Non-staining and non-greasy
Official Product of Ironman
Important Tips

DUST is not a talc or cornstarch base powder, instead of sprinkling or shaking, you will squeeze to apply DUST evenly.
Teflon can sometimes coat the holes in the bottle like it coats your feet. Simply tap the bottle on a counter a couple of times to clear the holes.
Since DUST will not break down, your feet will have a powdery coating even after a long work-out. It is a good idea to keep a towel by your door to clean your feet before walking on your floors! (This tip has saved many relationships:)

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