Bicycle Lock Options

See all the locks available at Here are some great options for Locks. The more you pay usually means the better the quality but some big name brands will spend all their money on marketing and not quality.  You have to decide on where and when you park your bicycle which option is best for you.

On Guard we feel is the best bang for the buck but a bit on the heavy side. Here is a stubby hi security model


Larger model for big posts

DSC03312 DSC03318


A lighter weight less Secure On Guard large lock highly recommended for under $1000 bicycles.


DSC03334 DSC03337

Abus Locks are great- this lock is for a quick lunch while you keep an eye on your bicycle.

DSC04026 DSC04028 DSC04030

The lightest bicycle lock with a hi security rating this is highly recommended but not the best for hi end bicycles.

DSC04032 DSC04034

Short term cable lock- better then the Abus cable but not great.




We really like this lock because its light and hi security however you have to look for the right post to lock your bicycle up to.

DSC04041 DSC04043

This is a great option for a light weight hi security hi quality lock that works on big posts.

DSC04046 DSC04048

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