Finis Swimming Gear at RB INC-Sports


Swimming aids are a great tool to use during training as they help athletes focus on efficiency during each kick and arm stroke. Such products like the short blade fins and freestyle hand paddles are great tools to use during swim training as they help athletes focus on the two major power outputs during their swim. After swimming with and without these aids for numerous training sessions you will notice a dramatic improvement especially during a learning phase in swim technique. The body learns to swim efficiently with swimming aids and athletes who use them will also notice improved strength due to increased resistance. When an athlete removes the aids they will be swimming with greater efficiency and confidence than before. The body learns to adapt to more efficient swimming techniques used with the aids and continues to use the same motions once they are removed.

Forearm Fulcrum:

A product that focuses on Early Vertical Forearm (EVF) and trains the athlete to improve stroke efficiency across all swimming techniques.


Hydro Hip:

The transfer of power from one stroke to the next is executed though the hips. This aid provides hip rotation feedback and increased strength in the core as the fins focus on working the muscles that engage hip rotation. Ideal training tool for freestyle and backstroke techniques.


Zoomers Gold Short Blade Fins:

Every swimmer knows the advantage of training with short fins. This product teaches athletes to swim with stronger and faster kick with ideal propulsion!


We have numerous Finis Swim products at RB INC-Sports to support our swimming community:

Short Blade Fins
Forearm Fulcrum
Hydro Hip Fins
Freestyle Paddles SwiMP3
Tempo Trainer Timer
Swim Sence Performance Monitor

All Products are on display and for sale at our showroom…….79 Wingold AVE, Toronto

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