For the last 20 years the elite and the mentally  dysfunctional of Toronto’s cycling community have been hitting the ice rinks and frozen ponds, to prove themselves in what is truly a Canadian endeavour. Ice racing.icebikeraceDSC_4509                    2010-02-13_Icycle2010_TheAudience.large

The first ice race , also known as the St Valentines Day Massacre race was held on a frozen pond on the Toronto islands in the early 90’s . Since then it has grown into a major spectator sport and has expanded into Winnipeg ,Montreal, and Ottawa.

Racers spend hours and hours, hand screwing up to 1000 screws per tire into various patterns.2010-02-13_Icycle2010_StuddedTire.preview                                      icebike.img_assist_custom-500x375           

Races are broken into heats of 4, with the top two moving forward. Crazy costumes and face painting are not out of place , and a general party atmosphere is the order of the day. 

Afterwards the spectators and racers  usually go to a nearby bar or warehouse to enjoy beer , bands , and prizes.

This years ice race will be held at Dufferin Grove skating rink sometime in February.

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