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Ibike Power Meters

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For the first time ever, on an outdoor bike ride, cyclists can measure their pedaling style, cyclingperformance, and body/bike movement.

Until now, pedal stroke analysis has only existed on specialized stationary trainers. But trainers and labs don’t simulate “real life” riding conditions. Riding and racing is done on uneven streets, bumpy back country roads, and pitted mountain passes.. As we pedal, subtle lunging and gyrating occurs to maintain balance and keep us upright and moving forward.

For the first time in history, we can take our quest for speed and efficiency to the only place that really matters – the streets!

iBike grants you the power to improve your pedaling efficiency and recapture waste speed (power, time, & motion) during an outdoor bike ride! Cyclists have the ability to measure pedaling style, cycling performance, and body/bike movement on everyday training rides and races.

PowerStroke technology quantifies: Wasted Power, Wasted Time & Wasted Motion.

It shows where to improve pedaling style, and quantifies improvements.

iBike Newton PowerStroke+

The Only Power Meter with Exclusive Pedaling Efficiency Measurement

How Does PowerStroke technology work?

PowerStroke takes advantage of the high-speed data bus design of the iBike Newton power meter,
and the accelerometer and pressure sensors used exclusively by the iBike Newton.

PowerStroke records data 16 times per second –
10 times faster than any power meter in the world.

This recording rate is so fast that motion can be determined even as the cyclist turns the bike crank.

PowerStroke data is processed on a Mac or PC , with new, iBike Isaac software version 2.0. Isaac 2.0 reports
Newton power measurement and ride data, and adds PowerStroke measurement and analysis.

Learn more about PowerStroke data and Isaac PowerStroke analysis screens.

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iBike Newton PowerStroke+ power meter

Includes: Pre-Installed Wind Tunnel (CdA) Firmware

EXCLUSIVE Power, Aerodynamic, and Cycling Performance Measurements:

Snapshot Drag CoefficientTM
Want to determine your best riding position to beat the wind, or test the aerodynamic impact of changing your gear or equipment?
iBike NEWTON+ displays a point-in-time aerodynamic drag coefficient (CdA) on your screen whenever you coast. The lower the CdA number , the more streamlined you are. Try out different riding positions or change gear and let iBike NEWTON+ quantify the aerodynamic benefits.

Time AdvantageTM**
How much time do you pick up when you go into a tuck?
How much time does it cost you when you sit up to drink?
iBike NEWTON+ measures (in seconds) the cumulative amount of time you’ve gained (or lost) due to changes in your ride position or equipment during your solo ride and reports it in real time on your screen. These are just some of the many questions that the exclusive Time Advantage feature answers.You can’t answer these questions in a wind tunnel but you can answer them with your iBike NEWTON+.

Continuous Drag CoefficientTM**
Looking to establish your optimal combination of aerodynamic positioning and equipment to maximize power? 
Want to know instantly if you’re deviating from your optimum ride position?

iBike NEWTON+ displays instant, continuous aerodynamic drag coefficient feedback on your screen even while pedaling! When you ride with both your iBike NEWTON+ and a direct-force power meter sensor, your iBike NEWTON+ provides information that enables you to find your optimal combination of aerodynamics and power.

**Continuous Drag Coefficient and Time Advantage require the use of both an iBike NEWTON and a direct force wireless power sensor communicating with ANT+Sport technology (not included).

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iBike Newton PowerStroke+ power meter

Includes: Pre-Installed Indoor Trainer Firmware

Measure power indoors and out!

The iBike Newton PowerStroke+ come with pre-installed Indoor Trainer Firmware to lets you measure power on commonly available indoor trainers. Take a peek at all of the trainers your iBike will work on updated list.

And you’ll always be able to find great training tips on the iBike Blog.

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You expect power numbers from your power meter.

But no other power meter can do all this!

In fact, your average power meter typically delivers watts along with cadence, speed, time, heart rate, time, and other basic data.
But because of its patented, built-in sensors, with the iBike Newton PowerStroke+ you get so much more!


arrow Current, average and maximum:  Wind Speed, Hill Gradient, Altitude, and Temperature

arrow Cumulative:  Calories, Kilojoules, Elevation Gain, Trip Time, Trip Distance and Hours Logged

arrow Built-In Fitness Tests, Personalized Interval Training And More!

arrow Power and cycling performance measurements – on-screen in Metrics or English Units.

arrow Optional heart rate

iBike Newton not only tells you what your watts are…
it tells you where they were spent.

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iBike OS2 Operating System

The iBike Newton PowerStroke+ with iBike OS2 delivers significantly improved accuracy, consistency and smoothness, so much so that Newton performance is virtually indistinguishable from direct force power meters in every way except price.

Processing 50% Faster

OS2’s Physics Engine has been completely re-coded to take full advantage of the responsiveness and resolution of these sensors and to reduce data processing time. With OS2 data is processed 50% faster, sensor resolution is greater, and signal flow through the code is faster.

Fast Twitch Response

With OS2’s incredible “Fast Twitch” response, the iBike Newton also excels in short intervals. This is great news for sprinters and others who are particularly concerned about power meter response for short intervals of 30 seconds or less. read more about OS2

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iBike Isaac

The Smartest, Most Informative Cycling Software Available

Isaac is more than the most informative cycling ride analysis software on the market.

ISAAC Screen ImageiBike Isaac software is the brains behind getting the most out of your iBike Newton power meter.  Allowing you to manage your calibration, adjust your data and view your results all from your Mac or PC.

Isaac includes amazing ride analysis tools found in no other bike computer product or software, at any price, including detailed presentation of wind speed and hill slope information that facilitate better understanding of riding style and bike race dynamics and of course, TSS, IF and NP information is available.

Isaac includes artificial intelligence wizards that make setup, calibration, and ride analysis both easy and accurate.

Isaac is so smart that you won’t have to read long software manuals, or remember button pushes.
Isaac does the thinking; you do the riding.

Isaac lets you share your ride files with your coach, or post your ride results on Facebook or Twitter.

Automatic Software & Firmware Updates through iBike Isaac Software

Isaac checks automatically for updates of your iBike software and firmware.
When there’s something new, your iBike Newton PowerStroke+ will update automatically —
as soon as you connect with your USB cable to the iBike Isaac software.

Isaac also includeshelpful information and links that you can use to learn more about power measurement and power training.
There’s even links to forums of like-minded cyclists!

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