Butt’r for Your Butt- Now cleaning product as well.

Bicycle Girl Butt Problems


Chamois Butter If your butt is hurting from long rides keep it clean and….


  • The ultimate low friction cream has all sorts of uses.
  • For any type of body location where friction rash and blisters occur.
  • Runners and Adventure racers love this stuff!
  • Also good for wetsuit chaffing areas.
  • Allows quick triathlon wetsuit removal without wrecking the rubber on the suit.
  • Image


The eurostyle® Story

Following extensive testing and development with top level pro cyclists, eurostyle Chamois Butt’r was introduced to the public in 2008. It was an immediate success and quickly became the preferred chamois cream of passionate cyclists.

Our continued partnership with the top US pro and amateur cycling teams provides the perfect opportunity to develop, test and perfect new products.

Eurostyle Embrocation and Sports Skin Wash were introduced to the public in the spring of 2012. Eurostyle Sports Kit Wash will be available early 2013.

All eurostyle products are manufactured to the highest standards of excellence.

European Inspiration – Made in the USA

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