Bicycle Fit Important





RB Inc

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We put a list of important factors when fitting a bicycle to you and it grows every day:

Basic fitting is we put you on the bicycle and set up the seat and cleats for you.
Advanced fitting: why you need it?
– Reduces chance of injury. Efficiency on the bicycle to make you go faster and longer with less fatique.
Here is a link to the devices
1.- Seat Height- position using a Goniometer
2.- Seat position behind stem using lasers.
3.- Proper stem length.
4.- Proper handlebar height.
5.- Proper seat angle
6.- Wedges between shoes and cleats using the Ergo Fit System with cleat screw kit. Wedges inside shoes.
7.- Use of washers or spacers to widen pedal position.
8.- Customizing shoe fit. Making sure there are no hot spots in your shoes that create blisters.
9.- Using knee dot straps, lasers, G meter and plumb bob we can make sure your knees track up and down and not in a circle causing knee stress.
10. Customizing all of this depending on what your goals are: efficiency, comfort, injuries, Knee back neck arm wrist muscle injuries

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