Wood Bicycle Handle Bars! www.rbinc-sports.com With Aluminum insert so Strong too!

We ship North American wide (no charge!)  and have these in stock!



tumblr_m5kwtaO0eF1rr79nuo1_1280 wooden-bike-handlebars-fny 87c71e6a6e30x419.jpg-600x399 tumblr_m9wkieRPrg1rr79nuo1_1280-800x603 061312_f_y_wooden_handlebars_1Wood Handlebars Wood Handle bars bicycle!http://vimeo.com/55332261

Frédérique Beaubien and Yannic Ryan of Canadian design studio F&Y have just introduced their beautifully crafted wooden bicycle handle bars.

The collection includes several different offerings, and has been dubbed ” Les Classiques.” All of the handlebars in the collection are sporting the same minimalistic design elements, an use an array of high quality construction materials including wood, aluminum, and even brass. Each set of handlebars was carefully handcrafted, ensuring that no two single handlebars are alike. The handlebars can be equipped to any standard bike frame, and will help your cruiser stand apart from the crowd. [Via] Available at http://www.rbinc-sports.com


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