Coren Bicycle Wow Carbon Dream

ubc-coren-3UBC Coren

UBC GmbH have 11 years experience producing carbon fiber components for the industrial and automotive sectors, counting Audi, Porsche, Bugatti and some Formula 1 teams among their clients. A versatile urban bicycle was an easy brief then, but their handmade engineering perfection also provides an insight into the ‘magic’ required in producing a carbon fiber frame.

UBC brought in Christian Zanzotti to conceptualize the Coren, an industrial designer with a portfoliothat shows off his fine grasp of aesthetics and ergonomics. His heart is obviously in the right place: an excellently edited promotional video shows Christian sketching out the Coren under the watchful tutelage of his old steel F. Moser road bike.

The sketch was turned into a 3D computer model, which turned out a milled aluminum mold, into which was pressed the high tensile strength T1000 carbon fibers — otherwise used almost solely in the monocoque frames of Formula 1 chassis. Each section was then assembled with Tune,Schmolke and Trickstuff parts, ENVE wheels and a Gates carbon belt drive.

Each Coren is produced in 40 hours, with numerous teams within the UBC ‘manufactory’ contributing skills that result in a bike that won the prestigious 2012 ISPO Award — dedicated to sporting design excellence. The ‘overall’ weight is a considerable 7,700 grams and is available in singlespeed, ‘pedalec’ or fixed gear modes. Although with a price tag of €25,000, I’d hope brakes were included.

For more information and to watch the video, head to the UBC-Coren website.

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