I really like watching videos like these!

Splat Kerplunk!

Soulcraft Bicycles are out of Petaluma, California, and they make “Top Notch Bicycle Frames”.

I live in a place where dirt roads are just as common as sealed and I ride both.

So a full-fledged road bike won’t cut the mustard for most of my rides.

Hence I hanker for Mountain bikes, Cyclocross bikes and Touring bikes.

All are able to handle the bumps and lumps I subject them to.

Soulcraft Bicycles’ Dirtbomb looks the goods for me.

Slightly upright geometry, knobbly tyres, and a mostly Shimano XT groupset on a light blue steel frame all combine to make my legs tingle in anticipation of another glorious ride out of the river valley where I live into the cool dawn light.

From the bike’s web page: “ Sometimes it’s easier to describe this bike by what it’s not. It’s not a 29r with a big ole’ fork and room…

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