New Aluminum Frame Lighter then Carbon Fibre? Low Price! Jamis Icon


I don’t usually get excited about new models but this one has really got me going. Its the New for 2013 Jamis Bicycles Icon Series, Road bicycles Pro and Elite which is lighter then their $5000 Xenith Pro Frame at 1150 grams but its only $1750 and has amazing strong parts!

1. Carbon Fibre Xenith SL Carbon Fork Super Light Weight also dampens rough roads and vibration.

2. Aluminum lasts much longer then Carbon fibre and can handle crashes much better as well.

2. It has a 30 BB Pressfit so big light, stiff, strong bottom bracket and makes the frame much stiffer and stronger.

3. Carbon Seat Post is big at 31.6 mm means strength stiffness and light weight!

4. Shimano 105 grouppo so less expensive.

5. Mavic aero Aksium Race wheels that are super strong.

7. The only downside is the ride is a bit harsh but its more responsive then any carbon bicycle and that is what this model is designed to do. Responsive is the best word to describe this Ferrari like ride. At $1800 it is an amazing low price for being more responsive then their $10,000 Xenith Sl!
for more info.

Off their website: There’s nobody more excited about the performance attributes of carbon fiber than us. But that doesn’t mean every racing bike should be made out of the stuff. Not when our engineers can design and build an aluminum frame that is just as light as some of our carbon fiber frames.

FACT: Our new Icon weighs no more than our Dyad Ultra carbon fiber Xenith Pro — 1150 grams, unpainted, 56cm – and is every bit as stiff and responsive. Every insight gained designing our carbon fiber Xenith bikes was applied to the Icon project. From geo to stiffness deflection to our Synthesis small batch manufacturing protocols.

So scrap the thought that you have to go with high-priced high-modulus to get a bike that’s light and stiff enough to race With a frame geo inspired by our peloton-proven Xenith SL and a parts package that’s hugely upgraded over similarly priced carbon fiber bikes, the Icon Elite and Pro are on top of gear and ready to take their place at the front of the pack.

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