Creaking Bottom Bracket or Is It?


Before Blowing out the bottom bracket and retightening and adding grease try these steps. Image

1. Tighten skewers front and back.

2. Tighten rear cogs.

3. Tighten pedal spindles on crank arms.

4. Tighten and make sure there is no play inside bearings of pedals

5. Oil nipples of the wheels (the creak might be in your wheels)

6. Tighten bolts of crank arms.

7. Take off the crank arms. Take off the bottom bracket re grease all metal on metal. You can also use a type of thread locker like Lock Tight. There are different strengths of this.

8. BB30 take apart and put blue Lock tight between steel bearing and insert press bearings back in then grease shaft before re-installing.



After 2012 Jamis started using PRESSFIT BB30 Which has less chance of creaking! Sorry to say you cannot change a BB30 bicycle into a PRESSFIT BB30!

Pressfit 30 | Truvativ | SRAM


This is a new design led by SRAM. It’s all the best from BB30 and Press-Fit bottom brackets in one captivating package. This bottom bracket is designed for 30mm spindle cranksets. The key difference with PressFit 30 is how the bearings are fitted into the frame. Bearings are housed in nylon cups which will be pressed into the frames bottom bracket shell. PressFit 30 will feature an integrated seal, pre-assembled into the cups, to further prolong bearing life. Frames will need a 46mm inner-diameter bottom bracket shell to accommodate this system. PressFit 30 for road will require a 68mm wide shell while PressFit 30 for MTB will require a 73mm wide shell. Advantages: Huge weight savings, narrow Q-factor, more ankle clearance, greater bearing durability, stiffer/stronger crank construction, simple installation. Allows for larger diameter frame tubes increasing frame stiffness. Drawbacks: Still searching

More info go to

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