BB 30 is it best? What is it?

BB30 is a new bottom bracket that is lighter, stiffer, stronger, more efficient then the original style BB (bottom bracket spindal and bearings) which you should definitely look at if you are going to upgrade to a new road or mountain bicycle. Bottom Bracket Standards – It uses a hollow axle that is big, light, narrow and the bigger bottom bracket axle makes the carbon area stronger stiffer as well.

My opinion as a 4 time Ironman triathlon finisher, 4 time Eco Challenge Adventure Team participant: best way to go. I still ride vintage road bicycles that have their problems and BB 30 does not.  KISS keep it simple is my moto and BB 30 does that plus performs better then the older stuff.

Know what your buying or go to an experienced  salesman that knows his/her stuff and has to back it with service before making a purchase. has an excellent variety of name brand parts that make sense on each model and they use BB30


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